Dec 8, 2010

New Release 1.0

A new release is available for download
Category: General
Posted by: azkuene

Changes in Videoman 1.0:


  • Linux compatibility
  • Get frame with callback function
  • STD removed from API interface
  • New functions getLengthFrames and getLengthSeconds
  • New functions getPositionFrames and getPositionSeconds
  • TimeFormat removed from videoManInputFormat
  • The list of available identifiers are printed after videoman construction


  • VMImageSequence: Load image sequence as a video file using OpenCV
  • VMDirectShow working with Framegrabbers
  • VMDirectShow easier to build (Directshow included)
  • VMDirectShow camera control & image properties controller exposure time, brigthness.
  • VMLib1394DC for running firewire cameras in Linux
  • VMPointGrey2 for running PointGrey cameras using the new SDK flycapture2
  • VMHighGUI: for running cameras and video files in Windows and Linux using OpenCV
  • Advanced controllers

-Renderer functionality:

  • Select the renderer in the constructor
  • Set input region of interest
  • Draw the input maintining the original aspect ratio or not
  • Zoom and rotation
  • Easy setup 2d drawing
  • Draw a border around the inputs
  • The user can select the texture filtering
  • More visualization modes


  • Drawing 2D feature with OpenCv and OpenGl, text with Freeytpe
  • Multiple cameras
  • Video File control
  • VideoMan with QT